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With the concern for the Covid-19  virus .

  • I want you to know that I have always cleaned and sterilized my makeup and hair kit with 99% alcohol before and after every wedding.

  •  During services I have enough brushes to give each party member their own brushes. 

  • I use clorox wipes on all eyeshadow and all makeup that I use in my kit.

  • lipsticks are wiped down with 99% alcohol and clorox wipes. (I use a spatula to collect fresh lipstick colors.) 

  • My mascara (I always use  a new applicator -no double dipping)

  • Makeup Kit, Brushes, combs, clips are sanitized with 99% alcohol.

  • My bobby pins are fresh out of the box before every wedding.

  • I  want to reassure you that I will always keep my hair and makeup kit germ free.


New information

  • Florida Keys Bridal Team recommends  "Wedding Insurance"

  • FKBTEAM is offering individual Brush sets. Please let me know if you and your party are interested. I will have a brush company make the sets for me at a great price.

  • My staff will have face shields and masks and gloves until we see 0 cases of virus

  FKB TEAM is now offering Zoom Classes


Hair and Makeup Lessons for my brides who are still in quarantine.

First let see your makeup kit and brushes. Send pictures in email of  your makeup looks and your desired hairstyle .

  • How to apply and select the right color Concealer and  foundation.

  • How to create a smokey eye or natural eye.

  • How to apply false and individual lashes.

  • ​How to apply waterproof makeup.​

  • What brushes should I use?. And ware can I buy a set.

  • How to apply eyeliner?

  • What is the right shade of lipstick. And how to create the perfect lip.

  • Always use Long-ware

  • Find the best friend who is great with hair and I will help your friend create a simple updo styles or half up half down  style for your wedding day.

  • So let's get creative !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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