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   Hair and Makeup Master Classes

Wedding, fashion and everyday hair & makeup styling

Florida Keys Bridal Team, Owner, Linda Schonning is an Award Winning Hair and makeup artist and has been a hair and makeup for over 45 years.


"I have attended many workshops in England and I became a trained Makeup Artist by Westmore Academy in LA.

I applied my talents to many hair show /competitions and I was ranked number one in Florida throughout the 80's and 90's! 


I have created and used these techniques to create looks for many celebrities such as Gloria Estefan throughout 1992-1999. I have created her look for videos and many tv appearances and numerous magazine covers. I have worked on many episodic television shows like Burn notice (actor Bruce Campbell person ), Sopranos, Glades, Ballars, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Hair) and many more.


First of all understanding:  "Theory of Color Class"


  • In class one we'll talk about the understanding of color which is most important when working in photography ,film ,television and yes, your Wedding makeup.

Most important element of my classes:

  • Did you ever do a photo shoot and look either at the monitor or see your photos when they were published and say to yourself "Where is my eye makeup or lipstick, contouring or blush? "I know I added lots of color from makeup palettes"

  • Or perhaps that the lighting tech ruined my photos. Not true, it was your lack of understanding Color Theory. I have heard makeup artists saying that to the lighting tech and then I go look at their pallets and they are all the same pale color. No value tone in the pigment. color was used.

  •  And when you buy new makeup palettes you are probably buying the same colors you bought last month. My class will give you all the knowledge you will ever need.


When first learning about color theory, there are several elements to understand before getting into being a makeup artist.

  •  First, how much  pigment is in your eyeshadows; second, the three dimensions of a color.( anyone know?)

 Understanding all these elements is important, as they come into play in makeup color trends.


 I've done  professional hair and makeup for hundreds of brides and models over the past  years! I have been published in several national wedding magazines and won many awards. I get to work on glamorous photoshoots, beautiful weddings and with exciting celebrities. I've created this course to teach you everything you'll need from A-Z for becoming a full time Makeup and hairstylist ( I do recommend going to beauty School to be a licensed cosmetologist ).

If you're already a professional hair and makeup artist this course will help you update your techniques and discover new products. Similarly, if you're planning to re-train as one, this course empowers you to unlock your potential and create a full time career in a job you love. 

My course is a live studio demos on a model .

  • You will bring a model or buy a mannequin, one is for makeup and one is for hair - which I recommend to continue practising everyday. 

My classes will be either Makeup 101 or Hairstyling  101.

We will apply makeup, individual and strip lashes, plus curling and  hair techniques. 

  • My classes can be private. You come to me in the Florida Keys Studio. I can arrange housing for you.

  • I will travel to your  Salons or Beauty Schools. I can have up to 1 or as many as 10  students.


  • Please email me to let me know what you are interested in learning.

  • Class Prices and travel, lodging will be answered when you email me.

My Classes and what you will learn:

  • Understand how to create a flawless Liquid foundation using a sponge or brush.

  • Take your clients makeup from day to evening by adding more eye shadows, etc.

  • One of my specialties which is vintage hair and makeup.

  • How to create smokey eyes without looking like you have two black eyes.

  • Creating multiple makeup options into a limited time frame (e.g. photoshoot or wedding morning!).

  • Using the correct combs and brushes.

  • Using your fingers to create a beautiful hairstyle (great on mother of the brides).

  • How to incorporate braids into your wedding hair.

  • Placement of ponytails by understanding head shapes.

  • Curling techniques with flat irons and curling irons and electric rollers for beautiful hairstyles.

  • My tips and tricks for saving time and avoiding makeup mistakes

  • What brushes do you use to create foundation, contouring, highlighters, lipstick, eyeshadow, brows, powder.

  • How to sanitize you brushes after every client!!!!!!!!!!!

  • How to sterilize your combs and brushes between each bride and bridesmaids.

  • My application techniques for the soft natural look (Theory of color).

  • Master techniques (individual lashes).

  • Create looks that last for hours!

  • Understanding using the right products and when to use them.

  • My top recommended products from years of experience.

  • Learn how to ensure every bride or photographer leaves singing your praises!

 I am passionate about my work and I'm thrilled to get the chance to teach you too. I'm so excited to teach you all my tips and tricks for creating flawless hair and makeup.

Thank you,

Linda Schonning

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