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"Beauty of style and harmony and grace and rhythm depend on simplicity"



                                                          Please ask Florida Keys Bridal Team any questions about my services.


150 Dickie Way, Tavernier, FL 33070, USA



(561) 289-2510

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Wedding Trial
Wedding Party To Do List

Your Trial

Bridal Trails

What happens at your trial?

Before your trial I will send you a form about your hair and makeup.

Please email it back to me.

  • We will look at photos of hair and makeup.

  • Are you wearing a vail or a hair wire? Bring your headpiece.

  • Are you wearing your hair up or down

  • Get your hair colored before trial and wedding

  • Exfoliate your skin before your trial

  • Mineral Air airbrushing. 

  • Try Custom individual eyelashes.

  • Purchase your lipstick and powder for touchups.

  • We will discuss your skin and how to prep before your wedding.

  • I want to make sure you know how you want to look on your wedding day.

  • Discuss spray tan.

  • Please dont do spray tan same day.

  • And stay out of sun. 

Day of Wedding

To do List

Bride Wedding Day

What to expect on your wedding Day?

I will send you and your coordinator a time line.

In your contract there is a "Wedding Day Prep" Please email it to your wedding party.

  • Come with hair clean dried

  • Eyebrows are groomed

  • Use a lightweight moisturizer on face and eyes.(very important)

  • Bring your lipsticks and powder or blotting papers (Mac)

  • I will set up

  • Start to prep hair.

  • We will stay on time.

  • Start Makeup

  • The bride will be done by the First look.

  • Bridesmaids and family will come on time and have their photos of their look.

  • Finish up and do touchups.

  • Reviews are very important .

  • If you could,give us a great review on




Day of Wedding

To Do List

Bridal Party and Family Service 

Please email your hair and makeup preferences to your bride . I will need Photos for myself or my team member.

  • Come on time.

  • Have hair clean and dried.We can always rewet and blow dry your hair.

  • Cleaned faced and light moisturizer on face and eyes.

  • Tell artist if you are unhappy with your hair or makeup.

  • We want you to be happy.

  • Bring your lipstick and powder.

  • Are you allergic to any products?

  • If so,please advise us before you have services. We can make sure we have what you need or use your product.


A Destination Wedding
Book Trial and Wedding Day
  • Stunning Individual Lashes
    50 US dollars

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