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                        Wedding Day Preperation 

   Please email to your Bridesmaids and Family

Wedding day prep:

Here are a few things to help things run smoothly the day of your wedding, please forward to your wedding party. 


*  NO WET HAIR.  Drying hair takes up time therefore throwing off the schedule.   

*  Wear a wide neck or button down shirt. 

*  Everyone should have clean faces, NO LEFTOVER WATERPROOF MASCARA.

*  Teeth brushed prior to makeup application.

*  Bring a lip gloss/color to retouch for the rest of the night.  The makeup will last, lips, not so much!

* Please be available 10 minutes prior to your appt.

* Buy Neutrogena cleansing shampoo. This shampoo is great to cleans your hair.

* Mother and groom’s mom also come washed. I will do there blow dry.

* Buy your lipstick or lip-gloss and powder.

* I love Nyx and of course Channel or Bobbi Brown, Colorstay Revlon 


*Please have all party come on time and ready for there appointment*      

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