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Let's talk Makeup "When is foundation application to muddy and too much"!!!!

What is the challenge :

Picking the right foundation.

How to pick your perfect foundation. Take a dark, medium, light and strip it near your chin and then squint. And the one that fades is your color.

I hear artist say they need pink tones, orange tone in their foundation. Not true!!! you need to build foundation. Does anyone have pink skin or orange skin?

1. First conceal any flaws out(sun spots, freckles etc)

2.Test for your correct color foundation

3. I have learned to start out with a skin prep and a lighter canvas.Just like an artist who starts with a white canvas

4. Use a lighter foundation first maybe 2 drops with a wet beauty blender and go over the face.

5. Next take their desired color and stipple on their face (starting at chin) with wet beauty blender. Never apply so much that it looks fake. Yes, you will have a person who likes a heavier coverage. So bye all means go for it.

6.This is my Gradation technique . Or balayage technique . Work in circular motion around the face. Keep your lighter concealer for a fresh look. Remember when you are doing a bride or commercial the photographer uses lights. So you want his light to catch the under-layer of light foundation to create a fresh bright look. Also remember Black ,white ,gray is the stem of all color. Research your theory of color. I will have it on my blog.

7. I see so many just pound on same color concealer and foundation and it starts to look muddy. Then no more them a small amount of bronzer. If you like to see a bronzie look go ahead.

8.Try to get out of your comfort zone and try a new way of applying foundation.


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